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Fall 2016

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Stone Facts — The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly Newsletter

Fall 2016 — Serving the Gods, the Land, and the Folk for over 20 years

Stone Creed Grove, ADF is a congregation of neo-pagan druids located in the Cleveland, OH metro area. As a chartered grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, an international organization for public neo-pagan druidry, we hold public rites regularly throughout the year to honor the religious rituals of our Indo-European ancestors. Our public rites are open to all regardless of background or current religions belief.

Upcoming Rite: Fall Equinox

Sunday, Sept 18, 4:30 PM at Tredara Hearth and Farm, Madison

As the year turns towards darkness, we gather to celebrate the growth and the center of the harvest season! As we collect the fruits of our annual labor in the fields, we take time to honor the spirits that aided us in that growth. For this rite, we will be particularly focused on the Anglo-Saxon hearth culture, and the powers of Fro Ing and the Lady of the Sheaf, who bring fertility to the land and prosperity to the folk.

After the rite, we will share in our customary pot-luck feast as we celebrate our fruitful summer.

Upcoming Rite: Samhain

Sunday, Nov 6, 4:30 PM at River Grove, Willoughby Hills

As the nights grow longer, we light the Fire of Blessings in remembrance of all our honored ancestors and call for the Waters of Life! The Feast of Samhain is the beginning of our cycle of the year, as established by our Celtic ancestors, and we take this time to honor the Morrigan, Donn, and those who lived before us. We encourage the folk to bring photos or mementos of any of your personal ancestors you wish to honor.

We will have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite. In addition, our younger folk share in the breaking of a piñata Folk are asked to bring dishes for all to share and enjoy.

Monthly Blessing Rites

Our first Friday blessing rites for 2016-7 begin September 2 at Spirit Apothecary in Bedford, and will continue on the first Friday of each month through June. Also, starting on September 9, we will be holding blessing rites on the second Friday of the month at Goddess Elite in North Olmsted.

Poem: In Memory of Isaac Bonewits

If wit and heart were wealth enough
To call forth workers, stone and wood
If true commitment were the stuff
That builds the fane where cities stood

That lights the Fire and brings the Flow
Restores the gods' old worship pure
If Magic were enough I know
That Isaac would have done it, sure.

Then Pagan fires would span the land
The folk make merry in the night
Joined in spirit, hand in hand
In life and love, joy and delight

For that was Isaac's vision, true
The world renewed by the Old Ways
He did not live to see it though But
we are here in our own days

So light the fire and pour the mead
For Isaac's memory, and too
For Isaac's vision, like a seed
That grows in me, the world, and you.

- Ian Corrigan

Poem: For Samhain

While the veil grows thin
Our Kindred call
Their presence felt
By one and all

The old ways kept
As best we can
With all that's lost
To modern man

We join our magic
With our Kin
Flesh and spirit
Whole again

Our Kindred's tune
We still can hear
With our hearts
Not with our ears

While the veil grows thin
Our Kindred call
Their presence felt
By one and all

- Charley Saratoga

Remembering Raymond Liptak 1956-2016

- by Dave "Thexalon" Kleinschmidt

On July 24th, Stone Creed Grove member Raymond Liptak passed peacefully beyond the veil surrounded by his family, ending a long period of coping with cancer.

Ray came to Stone Creed Grove late in his life, but immediately felt a kinship with the work of our druidry. He had always felt connection to the spirits of nature, and our Grove provided him both a structure and community for celebrating and engaging with them. Ray also developed strong personal connections with the deities Lugh and Brighid.

A memorial for Ray was held at Tredara, and his remains have been planted under a tree on the west side of the Tredara Ancestor Mound, so that he will always be a presence among the Grove.






Tredara Hearth and Farm Development

Thanks to the hard work and donations of grove members and other friends of the grove, the Tredara Hearth and Farm, our summer site in Madison, has continued to expand and develop. This summer has seen several important additions, but by far the most notable is an Ancestor Mound containing relics and offerings to several ADF members, including A.J. Gooch, Raymond Liptak, ADF founder Isaac Bonewits, and ADF priest Raven Mann. As a result of months of effort by Sue, Ian, folk of the Grove, and numerous other friends and volunteers, Tredara has become the regular site of the Wellspring Festival, and an important site for ADF as a whole.

Sue and Ian are excited to continue to welcome the Grove and ADF community to their improving facilities!

Schedule of Events, 2O16

See the Stone Creed Online Schedule.

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