Spring Equinox 2024 Ritual

River Grove Chestnut Shelter 2944 River Rd #2908, Willoughby Hills, OH, United States

Celebrate the coming of spring with Stone Creed Grove! It is time for the furrows to be plowed, the seeds to be sown, and the honoring of the very first signs of growth in the land. This year, the season will be a time of honoring the Earth Mother who sustains all things, and the […]

Beltaine 2024 Ritual

Tredara 2451 Bennett Rd, Madison Township, OH, United States

Beltainne is the time of late planting and the beginning of the growing season in colder climates. For many ancient peoples, this was the beginning of their summer season, which would continue until Samhain. For Stone Creed Grove, this marks our first ritual of the year performed in our grove's ritual space at Tredara. This […]