Midsummer 2022 Ritual

Tredara 2451 Bennett Rd, Madison Township, OH

At Midsummer, the world is now in full bloom. The early harvests of the year are starting to be brought into the larder, the animals are busy fattening up, the streams are flowing smoothly, the fields are growing, and all seems light and warm. As with other solstices, we celebrate this rite in the Norse […]

Lughnassadh 2022 Ritual

Tredara 2451 Bennett Rd, Madison Township, OH

Lughnassadh is the time of turning from the growing season to the harvest season. The heat of summer is at its most intense and will begin to wane throughout the next few months. This one of our rituals that we celebrate in the Celtic hearth culture pantheon, honoring Lugh, as the ancient Irish Celtic peoples […]

September 2022 Blessing Rite

Spirit Apotheosis 691 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH

Our Blessing Rites are an abbreviated ADF style Core Order Ritual during which we honor the Kindreds and raise energy to bless magical items for personal workings and share our magic and energy with our community. Feel free to bring a candle or magical item (necklace, divination set, etc.) that you wish to have blessed […]