Welcome to Stone Creed Grove ADF!

Stone Creed Grove is a congregation of Druids located in the Cleveland, Ohio metro area. As a chartered grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, an international organization for public Neopagan Druidry, we hold public High Day rites regularly throughout the year based on the seasonal cycle of equinoxes and solstices, honoring the religious rituals of our Indo-European ancestors. Our public rites are open to all regardless of background or current religious belief.

Wellspring Festival, May 26-30!

Pre-registration tickets are now on sale for the annual Wellspring Festival! This event brings together ADF druids and honored guests to teach, learn, relax, entertain, and deepen our religious experiences. Attend in-person at our facility in northeastern Ohio for the full experience, or join us online.

As with all Stone Creed events, we expect in-person attendees to take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of disease, including vaccination and masking as needed.

Covid-19 Update

In the face of the sudden and surprising surge in recent Covid cases SCG is emphasizing our own safety protocols for our gatherings. Here are the rules under which we will operate:

  1. Fully Vaccinated only! We reserve the right to check your vaccination record card – please have it with you. We hope to see booster records for those further than 6-months from their vax date, but the rule is ‘fully vaccinated’, prior to boosters.
  2. Masking will be enforced indoors, and masks will be available if needed. We will refrain from group singing, as a particularly risky activity.
  3. The Feast following the rite will be ‘picnic’ style – bring your own meal. This avoids the social distancing difficulties of potlucking.

For those who cannot attend under these rules we will present the rite on-line in our usual pandemic fashion, via Zoom.

With care and mutual respect we can still gather at the Fire to see in the Rising Light.

Upcoming Rituals and Events

Upcoming Events

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