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Spring 2014

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Stone Facts

The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly

Hear ye, hear ye! As members and friends of Stone Creed Grove, we endeavor to bring you the latest news, updates, articles, and a calendar of what is going on with the Grove. If you really don't want them, let us know, and if you know someone who is interested, let us know that too. If you have news, articles, poetry, or other artistic work that you would like to be included, please send them to the SCG Scribe at

As always, our gatherings are open to all Pagans of good will, as well as sympathizers and respectful friends. Come and join us as we keep the Old Ways in our days!

Spring at Tredara - April 19 Work Party

As most of you know, for many years the Grove has made our summer home at Tredara — the home of Sue and Ian. Over the years the Grove has helped to improve roads, hospitality spaces and, of course built and rebuilt our outdoor Nemeton — our temple or worship-garden. Many good fires have been enjoyed, and many blessings received. Last year Ian & Sue were able to purchase adjoining property, doubling the size of their place. This summer will be a period of work and growth as we build new infrastructure. We especially want to build a larger outdoor temple, with space for more people, easier access and more impressive structure.

For the last several summers we have hosted an April Work Party, where we do our best to beg and entice you, friends, to come out and do stuff with us. There is plenty to do. We have the usual start-up at the barn (different than it used to be, but still plenty) and lots of new work and first-wave construction. There's work at every level, from making sure food and drink is managed to filling wheelbarrows of gravel, from carpentry to husbandry to laying stone in the new Nemeton.

We'll have materials and some tools — chainsaws are very welcome — we have a lot of downed wood available to be harvested. A lot. Tredara will provide rounds of beer and food, you bring good boots, gloves, according to the level of work you can stand. We'll light a fire early and have it all night, with camping for the bold.

Read more about Tredara on Facebook, or contact Ian & Sue or AJ as the date draws near. Or just show up — we'll be here with boots on!

Tips for Taking Parts in Ritual

Stone Creed Grove provides many opportunities for those who are interested to take on roles in our rituals. This is a great way to become more involved in the rite and honor the spiritual powers that mean so much to your life. When taking on a ritual part, you are entrusted to speak to the kindreds on behalf of the entire community.

For those who are just starting with this part of the practice, and are not used to speaking or acting publicly, here are some pointers that can make the experience more fun and meaningful:

  • Arrive to the rite early. That gives you time to ask for a part and coordinate with whoever is leading the rite.
  • If your role involves speaking, read the part in advance. Make sure to ask about any words you are not familiar with, so that you understand both their pronunciation and their meaning. Grasp their rhythm and their poetry to avoid stumbling or confusion.
  • Understand what offerings you will be making and where you will put them. The ritual leaders will help you with this, but it is easier for them if you know what you are doing beforehand.
  • As you are waiting for the rite to begin, take some time to focus on and think about the being or beings you are about to honor or the role you are about to take on. For example, if you are honoring the ancestors, sit quietly for a little while and think about the ancestors that are important to you, and what they mean to you.
  • Sit in a place that will allow you to easily get to the center of the ritual space if you can. This cuts down on waiting time.
  • When speaking, start with a deep breath from your diaphragm into your abdomen just as you would for a meditation. Then open your mouth, and let the words come from the center of your being. Speak with the same voice you used to say responses like "Let the Gates be open!" or "Accept our sacrifice!"

With a little practice, you will find that taking on ritual roles becomes steadily easier. Stone Creed Grove is a supportive community, and we enjoy new people stepping forward to take a more active part in our rites.

Upcoming Rite: Eostre

Sunday, March 23, River Grove, North Chagrin Reservation

As the sun returns, the folk gather to prepare for the planting season, that our coming year will be fruitful! The Feast of Eostre is the time when Yngvi Frey and Eostre's fertility is returning to the world, so we honor these long-time patrons of our sacred Grove, as well as giving honor to all the Aesir who aid and guide us. All forms of new life are to be especially blessed at this time, as they contain the beginnings of our collective future.

Prior to the rite, folk of the grove have the opportunity to prepare colored hard-boiled eggs to be blessed in the rite. After the rite, we will share in our customary pot-luck feast.

Upcoming Rite: Beltainne

Sunday, May 3, River Grove, North Chagrin Reservation
In the beginning of May, the veil between our world and the Otherworld grows thin, and we gather to celebrate the newly fertile land! The Feast of Beltainne is our opportunity to honor Aine Glas, the Green Earth who brings renewed life, and Aengus Og, the Harper whose music awakens longing and fulfillment. We also pay special attention to the Sidhe-folk of the land, and the erotic urges that come with the season.

After the rite, we take the opportunity to dance around the Maypole, a symbol of the fertility of the season. We will also have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite.

Mark Your Calendars: Wellspring 2O14

Thursday, 5/22 - Monday 5/26

Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY
A Pagan festival and retreat. Vacation at America's oldest Druid Gathering!
Host of the ADF Annual Meeting
Competitions for Warriors, Brewers, Artisans, and Bards
Special Performance by the Dragon Ritual Drummers
Meetings of ADF Interest Groups, Kins, and Guilds

Schedule of Events, 2O13-4

See the Stone Creed Online Schedule.

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