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Wellspring Call for Presenters

If you have information on a topic that you believe would be appropriate and interesting to Wellspring Gathering participants, we’d love to hear from you about presenting it as a workshop. Especially if you’re new to presenting and teaching and not one of the people who has been presenting at many festivals, this is a good opportunity to share what you do with others.

If you are looking for ideas, some common workshop topics are:

  • Something unusual but effective you have been doing in your personal pagan practice
  • Skills you have learned professionally that help your druidry
  • Scholarly deep dives into an area of interest to pagans
  • A deity or group of deities you find particularly interesting
  • A ritual you would like to do with a group
  • A topic in paganism you are studying or writing about

Our typical workshops are up to 90 minutes long. You should plan on 10-20 people attending, including possibly online participation.

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A bit about yourself, and especially what parts of your background gives you expertise on the topic of the workshop.
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