Stone Creed Grove, ADF Wellspring Wellspring 2023 Schedule

Wellspring 2023 Schedule

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4). For those attending remotely, please remember to adjust accordingly.

Thursday 5/25

8:00 PM Opening Ritual led by Stone Creed Grove

During this rite, we light the initial sacred fire for the festival, welcome all the folk to our sacred time, and honor the Earth Mother and Gatekeeper that unify all ADF rituals.

Friday 5/26

10:00 AM Workshop Weaving the Seer’s Story: Developing Effective Divination Strategies – Rev. Jan Avende

11:30 AM Workshop Cernunnos: The God Between – Ceisiwr Serith

2:00 PM Wellspring Bardic Chair Competition – Part 1

Those competing in the Wellspring Bardic Chair will perform their prepared works of song, poetry, and story, and learn who they are working with for Part 2.

Workshop Slavic Hearth Culture – Rev. Francesca Hedrick

3:30 PM Workshop Hekate – Matthew Sawicki

7:30 PM Workshop Fire Behind The Wire – Rev. Kirk Thomas

9:00 PM Hekate Ritual led by Matthew Sawicki

Saturday 5/27

11:30 AM Workshop Ljos Valdr Magic – Rodney Cox

12:45 PM People of the Purple Feather (LGBTQIA+ interest group) luncheon

2:00 PM Wellspring Bardic Chair Competition – Part 2

Provided enough contestants are present, they will perform their collaborative works. They will also improvise a poem within 9 minutes.

Ljos Valdr Ritual led by Rodney Cox

3:30 PM Workshop Travel, Fate, Kinship & the Journey in Northern Animism – Chris Godwin

6:00 PM Potluck Feast

Attendees from near and far share their food in a glorious feast.

8:00 PM Bardic Performances

Sunday 5/28

10:00 AM ADF Annual Meeting

12:45 PM Artisan’s Guild Gallery Showing

People who have made artistic works with a pagan or druid focus are invited to display those works in our once-a-year gallery showing. Bring your art to enter the Artisan’s Guild show – “your work with spirit” is the prompt.

Chenille Canopy (women and female-presenting) luncheon

2:00 PM Workshop Ritual Theory – Ceisiwr Serith

3:30 PM Workshops Pagans and the Internet – panel led by Matthew Sawicki

Workshop Woo! Trance! Diving into the Deeper Work – Rev. Jan Avende

8:00 PM Main Wellspring Ritual

Monday 5/29

11:30 AM Farewell Blessing / Closing Ritual

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