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Lughnassadh at Stone Creed Grove

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Ritual Script

Lughnassadh is the time of turning from the growing season to the harvest season. The heat of the summer is at its most intense, and will begin to wane throughout the next few months.

For Stone Creed Grove, this is one of our major Celtic rites, a time to specifically honor two of the Celtic warrior deities, Morrigan and the holiday's namesake Lugh. Prior to the ritual proper, those who choose to participate compete in a series of games designed to test warrior skill and ability, and from those games a worthy champion is chosen to carry the spear of Lugh (shown above in ritual) for the upcoming year. The rite focuses on ritually marrying the heroic Lugh to the sovereignty of the land as represented by Morrigan, patroness of heros.

One of the warrior contests - staff wrestling. Each attempts to push the other out of a designated area while maintaining a grip on the staff.

Not all contests are about strength, because a warrior must also have a keen mind. Here contestents must write a poem at least 9 lines long in 9 minutes.

Morrigan is represented in the right by a corn doll, who is dressed with flowers.

Morrigan and Lugh bound together as the champion takes on the sovereignty of the land.
  • Ritual Script, an example of exactly what would happen during the rite
  • Photos of past Lughnassadh rites