Stone Creed Grove, ADF Welcome to Wellspring!

Welcome to Wellspring!


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Welcome to the second day of the Wellspring Festival! If you are joining us online, please set up Zoom on your computer or phone. All listed times are for US Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4:00).

Zoom access, if the link above doesn’t work: Meeting ID: 834 4781 2449 Passcode: 372160

10:00 AM ADF Annual Member’s Meeting

ADF is an international organization with many activities going on and members on 6 continents. This meeting includes some discussion and reporting from our officers, and awards honoring the work of many members of our community.

Zoom access, if the link above doesn’t work: Meeting ID: 837 9071 9344, Passcode: 518438

The daily Zoom room will open after the annual meeting is finished.

12:45 – 2:00 PM Artisan’s Showing

ADF’s Artisan’s Guild provides a chance to showcase members’ works with serving of wine and cheese in our makeshift gallery immediately following the Annual Meeting.

2:00 PM Morgan Daimler: Fairies Across Ireland

A discussion of fairies across Irish folklore, from the Aos sidhe to selkies. They will discuss some of the popular types of fairies found in folklore, including the ever popular leprechaun, as well as more obscure beings, like the Alp Luachra. Focus will be on the stories we have of these beings but we’ll also look at how they interact with humans and how humans acknowledge their presence.

3:30 PM John Beckett: Being a Pagan Monk in an Instagram World

Our mainstream world is infatuated with filtered images, continuous outrage, and the quest for clicks. That makes it hard for us to focus on our lives, our world, our Gods, and our magic. One way to counter this is to incorporate elements of monasticism into our Pagan practices. This workshop will look at the history of monasticism in the East and in the West, related traditions in the ancient Pagan world, monastic practices that can be helpful to Pagans today, and how we can adapt the monastic model for our contemporary world – without living a cloistered life or taking a vow of silence.

5:00 – 7:00 PM Dinner break

8:00 PM Main Ritual – ADF Grand Symbel

The ADF Grand Symbel occurs every 3 years, coinciding with the election of the ADF Archdruid. This year, ADF Archdruid Rev. Jean Drum Pagano will be renewing his oaths to serve in that role for another term. There are also opportunities to present oaths, toasts, and boasts to the folk of ADF in our sacred time and space.