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Support Stone Creed Grove

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Stone Creed Grove, ADF relies on the generosity of its members and wider community to continue to provide regular public pagan worship and teaching. Major uses of our funds include:

  • Renting halls for ritual
  • Assisting Tredara Hearth Society, with improvements to our summer ritual space
  • Putting on the Wellspring Festival, the oldest ADF festival in the US and the site of the ADF Annual Meeting
  • Purchasing ritual supplies
  • Providing hospitality for ritual attendees
  • Supporting the wider pagan community in Northeast Ohio through organizations such as Cleveland Pagan Pride

You can also support Stone Creed Grove, ADF via Amazon Smile, which donates a portion of your purchases to our grove:

Amazon Smile


If you are interested in helping out with Stone Creed Grove's activities, there are several ways to get involved:

  • Attend the business meeting, held on third Fridays of most months. These are open to all, and while non-members and newer members do not have a formal vote their voice is definitely heard.
  • Watch our Facebook Events and our website for volunteer activities.
  • Read our quarterly newsletters for announcements of volunteering opportunities and events.

Please feel free to email any questions to