Spring Equinox

At the time of the spring equinox, the land is in the season of early planting. The sun is now back to being present the majority of the time, the world is warming, plant life is just starting to sprout, and many animals are beginning to enter their birthing season.

Stone Creed Grove has approached this time with an interest in a wide variety of Indo-European traditions and pantheons. The script listed below is one such example, focusing on Hellenic (Greek) traditions, honoring Persephone Kore returning from the underworld to bring spring, and Dionysos at the time of the first fruit from the vine.

Ritual Script

Video of a Spring Equinox Ritual

Photos of Past Spring Equinox Rituals

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At Midsummer, we now have the world in full bloom. The early harvests of the year are starting to come back into the larder, the animals are busy fattening up