We are now in the late harvest season. The fields have become bare, and the pantries full. In ancient times, the folk would have observed that the entire world around them appears to be dying, and their thoughts turned towards their friends and relatives who have passed beyond our world. This day also marks the end of the year in the Celtic calendar.

For Stone Creed Grove, this is a celebration using the deities and symbolism of Irish culture, honoring the gods Donn (the receiver of the dead), and Morrigan (chooser of the slain in battle). In addition, extra honor is given to our ancestors, the people who’s work inspires our work, who’s lives helped to create our lives, and who’s blood now flows in our veins. We also especially honor those who have fallen in the last year, among our own friends and family as well as those who’s public life we wish to honor.

This is also our final rite of the year in our summer ritual space at Tredara. After this, we move back to River Grove (near Squire’s Castle).

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