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Mabon (Fall Equinox) at Stone Creed Grove

Ritual Script

As the summer turns into fall, the world has entered the harvest season. For all peoples, this is a time of gathering in as much food as possible, in order to survive through the upcoming winter. The chill is beginning to enter the air, and the folk know that the current bounty will not last forever, but it is also time to celebrate what we have.

This year, Stone Creed Grove will be celebrating this in the Hellenic culture, honoring the agricultural gods Dionysus and Persephone, drawing on the inspiration of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The precious gift of mead, brewed by our grove membership.

The grove makes space for participants of many different age groups.

A portion of the harvest, offered to the Vanir on a flaming ship.

When we honor the various powers of the world, we expect a blessing upon ale or water which we then drink.
  • Ritual Script, an example of what will happen during the rite
  • Photos of past Mabon and Harvest rites