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Winter 2016

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Stone Facts — The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly Newsletter

Winter 2016-7 — Serving the Gods, the Land, and the Folk for over 25 years

Stone Creed Grove, ADF is a congregation of neo-pagan druids located in the Cleveland, OH metro area. As a chartered grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, an international organization for public neo-pagan druidry, we hold public rites regularly throughout the year to honor the religious rituals of our Indo-European ancestors. Our public rites are open to all regardless of background or current religions belief.

Upcoming Rite: Yule

Sunday, December 18, 4:30 PM at River Grove, Willoughby Hills

In the darkest time of winter, we keep the Fire of Blessing lit and call for the Waters of Life! The Feast of Yule is the holy turning of the year established by Norse ancestors, and we keep this time to remember Yngvi Frey and his sister Freya, long-time patrons of our sacred Grove, as well as giving honor to all the Aesir who aid and guide us. We also take the opportunity to make personal oaths for the coming year.

We will have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite. At Yule, we encourage frith by a White Elephant gift exchange (under $10 value, marked by age: under 12, 12-20, and 21+), and the singing of songs from our Yule song collection.

Upcoming Rite: Imbolg

Sunday, January 29, 4:30 PM at River Grove, Willoughby Hills

At the far edge of winter's deep, we light the Fire of Blessing and call for the Waters to flow! The Feast of Imbolc is the holy rite of the Goddess of Hearth and Skills - Brigid the High One, and also of her father Dagda, the Druid of the Gods. In this season we give thanks for the blessings we have received through the winter, and ask for the blessing of new strength, health and inspiration for the coming spring.

We will have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite. We will also once again renew our Grove Oath, and hear the oaths of those who might be beginning our training and practice.

Monthly Blessing Rites

Blessing rites are normally held on the first and second Friday of each month. First Friday rites are held at Spirit Apothecary in Bedford, while second Friday rites are at Goddess Elite in North Olmsted. Blessing rites are an opportunity for members to engage in regular religious practice and work magic to improve their lives and the lives of others.

The New Hearth

I kindle a flame in a new hearth.

This flame always lives at the center
The flame of all the worlds
The flame of all sacred spaces
Is now present in this home.

The blessing from this flame flows out
Safety extends from wall to wall
Warmth and light fill the space
Blessing all folk who enter here.

From the spirits of this home,
I ask for health and joy and friendship.
From the spirits of this land
I ask for wealth and love and fertility.

This my place of comfort and health
As I kindle a flame in a new hearth.

- David "Thexalon" Kleinschmidt

2016-7 Leadership Announced

Stone Creed Grove is managed by an elected group of officers who are supported by many volunteers. There are several volunteer opportunities still open for those who wish to be more involved. Without further ado, introducing our officers and volunteers for the 2016-7 year:

Senior Druid: Keith "Darius" Madden - Keith is beginning his third year as Senior Druid. Within our parent organization ADF, he is active in the People of the Purple Feather, an LGBT focus group. As Senior Druid, he is responsible for managing the grove overall.

Assistant Senior Druid: Elizabeth "Ygraine" Wilmott – Ygraine has been an active pagan for several decades, and is starting her first full term as a Stone Creed officer. In ADF, she is involved with the Chenille Canopy, a women’s interest group.

Pursewarden: Rev. Sue "Liafal" Parker-Wyndham – Sue is an ADF priest, and has served on the board of our parent organization ADF, been heavily involved with the Chenille Canopy. She is continuing in her role as pursewarden, managing all the accounts of the grove.

Scribe: Dave "Thexalon" Kleinschmidt - Dave is beginning his fifth year as Scribe. In our parent organization ADF, he serves as secretary of the Bardic and Hellenic groups.

Membership Coordinators: Weasyl and Charlie Saratoga. They maintain the membership listing.

Hospitality Coordinators: Sinann Patricia. She ensures that the potlucks and coffee happen for all rituals.

Children's Activities Coordinators: Ygraine Wilmott and Sue Parker-Wyndham. They are taking on the task of developing and improving educational and entertaining programs for our youngest members and friends.

Firekeeper: Brian Wilmott. He ensures that ritual and social fires are lit and safe.

Webmaster: Charlie Saratoga. She assists with running

Associated Priest: Ian Corrigan. As a Senior Priest of ADF, Ian provides religious ritual, counsel, and training. Ian has served in many roles in ADF and Stone Creed Grove, including as a writer and bardic performer.

Open Volunteer Positions: If you are interested in getting involved, we are looking for:
  Newsletter Editor: Responsible for ensuring that an issue of the newsletter is ready to go every 3 months.
  Keeper of the Grove: Responsible for managing the physical setup of our ritual space.

Schedule of Events, 2O16-7

See the Stone Creed Online Schedule.

P.O. Box 19261
Cleveland, OH 44119-0261