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Summer 2016

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Stone Facts — The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly Newsletter

Summer 2016 — Serving the Gods, the Land, and the Folk for over 20 years

Stone Creed Grove, ADF is a congregation of neo-pagan druids located in the Cleveland, OH metro area. As a chartered grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, an international organization for public neo-pagan druidry, we hold public rites regularly throughout the year to honor the religious rituals of our Indo-European ancestors. Our public rites are open to all regardless of background or current religions belief.

Upcoming Rite: Midsummer

Sunday, June 19 4:30 PM at Tredara Hearth, Madison

On the longest day of the year, we gather to celebrate the growth and early harvest of the summer! The veil between worlds is thin, and we give particular honor to the Norse Aesir deities golden-haired Sif and Thor of the thundering hammer. We gladly give them a part of our first harvest, that our later harvest may be more bountiful and joyous.

Midsummer is still a popular celebration in Scandanavia, and we may enjoy some of their customs outside of the rite itself. After the rite, we will share in our customary pot-luck feast.

Upcoming Rite: Lughnassadh

Sunday, July 31, 4:30 PM at Tredara Hearth, Madison

In late summer the warriors set aside their feuds and gather to celebrate the day of peace! This is the day of turning, where spear-wielding Lugh defeats the burning eye of Balor and thus saves the world from destruction by fire. After that success, he is married to the sovereignty of the land as represented by Morrigan, patroness of heroes.

Prior to the ritual itself, grove members are encouraged to try their skill in the Warrior Games as they are physically able. We will also have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite.

No Monthly Blessing Rite in July or August

On the first Friday of most months, we gather to honor the kindreds and work magic for the folk of the grove. However, in July and August, we take a break, because many of our members are travelling and organizing festivals around the region, including Wellspring and Starwood.

That Which is Remembered, Lives.
So we remember the dead. Let us remember the fathers and the mothers; From our own cradles back into time. Let us remember those we knew in love, of blood and heart, and those we know as heroes, as inspirations and way-showers. Let us remember the ancient wise, and ask them for their good teaching, mighty and beloved dead. We make this gift to you of art and reverence.
Bless this place, we ask, where we will give you due offering.

- Dedication of the Tredara Ancestor Mound

ADF Comes to Our Home — Wellspring 2016

- by Dave "Thexalon" Kleinschmidt

For several decades now, Stone Creed Grove has been hosting the Wellspring Gathering, the very first festival for our parent organization Ár nDraíocht Féin. This year, for the first time, we were able to move it from our rented site in upstate New York to our very own Tredara Hearth Farm and Shrine! While this involved a great deal of effort from our group of event staff and volunteers, the move enabled us to take advantage of all the work that has gone into Tredara over the years to prepare it for precisely these sorts of events.

As is typical for Wellsprings of years' past, there were many contests of skill by many of the guilds of ADF. Among our own members, Madoc Gooch became the Men's Champion of the ADF Warrior's Guild, and Ygraine Wilmott had an excellent debut competing for the Wellspring Bardic Chair.

A major highlight of this particular Wellspring was the building and dedication of an ancestor mound, the first of its kind for ADF. Brian Wilmott built a gorgeous oaken coffin, and working with Ian Corrigan and Michael Dangler of Three Cranes Grove in Columbus, added artwork to each of the panels. As part of our rituals Thursday evening and Friday morning, many offerings to our honored dead were placed in the coffin, including a portion of the remains of specific honored ancestors, and the coffin buried in the center of the mine site. All the folk of ADF contributed stones and labor, and by the end of Friday we had a new structure at one of the major crossroads of the land. Late Saturday afternoon, with the final construction completed, the mound was dedicated to the ancestors of ADF, and in particular the ancestors with relics or ashes interred at the site: our own beloved A.J. Gooch, Erie-based Whispering Lake Grove's Raven Mann, and ADF founder Isaac Bonewits.

The other major highlight was the ADF Grand Symbl, climaxing with the installation of a new ADF Archdruid, Rev Jon “Drum” Pagano. Drum is the sixth person to be in that office, having previously served as Vice Archdruid of ADF and many other roles prior to that. His oath was taken in the great nemeton at Tredara, and thanks to our installed roofs everyone was able to stay relatively dry throughout the ceremony even with thunderstorms rolling in. In addition to that ceremony, there was an opportunity for toasts, boasts, and oaths. 2 oaths were made from among our folk:

  • Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker-Wyndham: We swear that the Gods and Spirits will never cease to be worshiped at Tredara. Should we fail, may this land be taken from us.
  • Ygraine Wilmott: I swear to have memorized the Core Order of Ritual within one month (Ian will test her). If I fail, I will be spanked 50 times.

Please assist your fellow grove folk in the fulfillment of these oaths.

We at Stone Creed Grove are thoroughly pleased with how Wellspring 2016 went, and hope to see you all in 2017!

Schedule of Events, 2O16

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