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Summer 2014

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Stone Facts

The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly Newsletter

Hear ye, hear ye! As members and friends of Stone Creed Grove, we endeavor to bring you the latest news, updates, articles, and a calendar of what is going on with the Grove. If you really don't want them, let us know, and if you know someone who is interested, let us know that too. If you have news, articles, poetry, or other artistic work that you would like to be included, please send them to the SCG Scribe at

As always, our gatherings are open to all Pagans of good will, as well as sympathizers and respectful friends. Come and join us as we keep the Old Ways in our days!

Summer at Tredara — Camping Weekends and More

During the summer months, the Tredara Retreat Center becomes the home of Stone Creed Grove. It is land that we have built a long-standing relationship with, both in our ritual workings and in our visible labors. Last year, that land nearly doubled in size, and this year Grove members and other community volunteers will be working to transform the northern portion of the property from extra camping territory into an active area of the land.

Midsummer weekend, June 20-2, the Grove will hold its business meeting on Friday evening, spend Saturday morning and early afternoon working on the new Nemeton (worship space) on the northern property, and finishing the day off with a workshop on Norse myth and the meaning of Midsummer. Folk of the Grove are welcome to camp out at Tredara if they so desire.

Lughnassadh weekend, July 25-7, is not just for the Grove, but also will attract people from around the region to join us for our annual Warrior Games. Come Friday for a brief meeting and socializing, spend Saturday playing in or watching the Games, and enjoy the poetic finish of the Games on Sunday followed by our annual ritual.

If you are expecting to stay overnight at Tredara, please come prepared to camp out in a tent unless you have previously made arrangements to stay in the house or camper. You should also contribute potluck food or drink as you are able as part of the guest's responsibilities of hospitality.

There will be other chances for Grove members to come by and help out with the improvements going on out there, so if you have some spare time, consider getting in touch with Ian and/or Sue and seeing where you can chip in!

Wellspring 2014 a Great Success

Thank you to all the Stone Creed members who helped make Wellspring 2014 a big success! We received many compliments about our hospitality, especially from those who had special needs or were unable to bring their own camping supplies. Our featured guests, Morgan Daimler and Dragon Ritual Drummers, quite happily stayed longer than they had originally planned because they were enjoying themselves so much.

More Stone Creed members attended than in years past: AJ, Steph, Madoc, Sydney, Jackie, John, Ian, Sue, Darius, Ygraine, Brian, Thexalon, Shannon, Nora, Lisa, Steven, Jessica, and Elizabeth all joined us and helped where they could.

Special thanks to those who donated to the raffle: Aradia's Garden in Eastlake, the Magical Druid in Columbus, and the Association for Consciousness Exploration (ACE).

Upcoming Rite: Midsummer

Sunday, June 22 at Tredara Retreat Center, Madison

On the longest day of the year, we gather to celebrate the growth and early harvest of the summer! The veil between worlds is thin, and we give particular honor to the Norse Vanir deities Freyr and Freya, who have been agricultural patrons of our Grove for many years. We gladly give them a part of our first harvest, that our later harvest may be more bountiful and joyous.

Midsummer is still a popular celebration in Scandanavia, and we may enjoy some of their customs outside of the rite itself. After the rite, we will share in our customary pot-luck feast.

Upcoming Rite: Lughnassadh

Sunday, July 27, at Tredara Retreat Center, Madison

In late summer the warriors set aside their feuds and gather to celebrate the day of peace! This is the day of turning, where spear-wielding Lugh defeats the burning eye of Balor and thus saves the world from destruction by fire. After that success, he is married to the sovereignty of the land as represented by Morrigan, patroness of heroes.

Prior to the ritual itself, grove members are encouraged to try their skill in the Warrior Games as they are physically able. We will also have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite.

Lughnassadh Warrior Games 2014

Saturday, 7/26 - Sunday 7/27

The Lughnassadh Games are a chance to engage in friendly athletic and intellectual competition with your fellow druid folk from both within Stone Creed Grove and around the region. The best contestant within Stone Creed Grove will be the Grove Champion for the upcoming year and bear the spear of Lugh at Stone Creed rites.

There are 5 challenges that all competitors must complete in order to win:

  • Rock Throw: Take a large stone and throw it as far as possible.
  • Loggets: Roll a stone about the size of a grapefruit along the ground, and hit a log tripod.
  • Staff Wrestling: Each contestant holds onto a staff and attempts to force their opponent to either lose their balance or release the staff.
  • Board Game: A single-elimination tournament in a recreated Irish chess-like game.
  • Poetry: All contestants receive a topic, and must produce a poem of at least 9 lines within 9 minutes, which will be judged on quality and performance.

Schedule of Events, 2O13-4

See the Stone Creed Online Schedule.

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