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Winter 2013

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Stone Facts

The Stone Creed Grove Quarterly

Hear ye, hear ye! As members and friends of Stone Creed Grove, we endeavor to bring you the latest news, updates, articles, and a calendar of what is going on with the Grove. If you really don't want them, let us know, and if you know someone who is interested, let us know that too. If you have news, articles, poetry, or other artistic work that you would like to be included, please send them to the SCG Scribe at

As always, our gatherings are open to all Pagans of good will, as well as sympathizers and respectful friends. Come and join us as we keep the Old Ways in our days!

Loss Within the Stone Creed Community: Ron White

We regret to announce that Ron White, a long time member of the Stone Creed Grove community, left this world to join our ancestors on November 26, 2013. A memorial was held at Tredara on December 14 to honor his journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

Donations can be made to the Ron White Memorial Fund to help Ron's family get through this difficult time.

Encouraging Fellowship in the Feast-Hall

During Grove events, particularly when you are relatively new to the community, there is often a lot of chaos and confusion about what does and doesn't constitute good manners. For example, at a dinner party, speaking loudly would be considered rude, but at a Stone Creed feast sometimes shouts of “Hail” will ring through. Providing and receiving hospitality well is one of the values that we as Druids promote, because it was a vital part of ancient pagan society.

So as a reminder, here are some of the expectations the Grove has for our folk when at a Grove rite:

  • Among ancient peoples, rituals were a time when warriors would pause their personal and political conflicts to focus on the more vital religion. Modern folk should follow their example.
  • Part of our gathering is a post-ritual feast. This happens because folk bring food and drink to share, and wait until the feast is blessed and the ritual finished before starting to consume it. By providing more than enough for yourself, you are contributing directly to the joy of the hall.
  • Children are welcome in our hall, but because children are often unaware of the norms and expectations of ritual and fellowship, parents should ensure that children are quiet when they need to be, as well as learning and following the other expectations of the folk.
  • During the ritual time, there is a period for "praise offerings". A praise offering is a gift an individual wants to present to the kindreds or especially the deities being honored at the rite. Appropriate gifts include food the recipient is known to enjoy, crafted items, or planned performances of song, poetry, or story.
  • Although this should go without saying, Stone Creed wants both people and property to remain safe and secure at all grove events, and folk should keep that in mind.

Upcoming Rite: Yule, The Feast of Darkness

Sunday, December 22, River Grove, North Chagrin Reservation

In the darkest time of winter, we keep the Fire of Blessing lit and call for the Waters of Life! The Feast of Yule is the holy turning of the year established by Norse ancestors, and we keep this time to remember Yngvi Frey and his sister Freya, long-time patrons of our sacred Grove, as well as giving honor to all the Aesir who aid and guide us. We also take the opportunity to make personal oaths for the coming year.

We will have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite. At Yule, we encourage frith by a White Elephant gift exchange (under $10 value, please), and the singing of songs from our Yule song collection. Drumming and dancing is especially encouraged.

Yule wreath
Brighid's Cross

Upcoming Rite: Imbolg, The Feast of Brigid

Sunday, February 2, River Grove, North Chagrin Reservation
At the far edge of winter's deep, we light the Fire of Blessing and call for the Waters to flow! The Feast of Imbolc is the holy rite of the Goddess of Hearth and Skills - Brigid the High One, and also of her father Dagda, the Druid of the Gods. In this season we give thanks for the blessings we have received through the winter, and ask for the blessing of new strength, health and inspiration for the coming spring.

We will have our usual pot-luck feast following the rite. At Imbolc we encourage folks to bring a scrap a lace or fine fabric to be blessed at the Hallows as a Brat Brid - a Brigid's Cloak. The Brat is an Irish healing custom, especially potent, it is said, for pain of the head and eyes. We will also once again renew our Grove Oath, and hear the oaths of those who might be beginning our training and practice.

Mark Your Calendars: Wellspring 2O14

Thursday, 5/22 - Monday 5/26

Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY
A Pagan festival and retreat. Vacation with the Druids!
Our twenty-fourth year - America's oldest Druid Gathering.
Host of the ADF National Meeting;
Warrior's Games, Brewing Competition;
The Fifth Annual Wellspring Bardic Chair Competition

Schedule of Events, 2O13-4

See the Stone Creed Online Schedule.

P.O. Box 19261
Cleveland, OH 44119-0261