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Stone Creed May

(to a tune by Martin Carthy)
(pdf of choral arrangement by Sam)

Rise up, Rise up you merry folk
Rise up and greet the day
We sing the blossom and the bud for this is our Stone Creed May, our May
For this is our Stone Creed May!

Red breast Robin now appears,
And the Greenwood is in bloom,
And brings an end to cold and frost and the winters passing gloom, the gloom
And the winters passing gloom.

Naught would be without the Gods,
And to them we sing praise,
To lovely Aine and MacOc who brightens all our days, our days
Who brightens all our days.

We've been up before the dawn
To light the fire of day,
And welcoming the Summer in, this is our Stone Creed May, Our May
This is our Stone Creed May!

Now our song is nearly done,
And you've heard our Stone Creed May
Please give to us a May Day draught and we will go away, away
And we will go away!