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Yule Ritual

We are now in the time of winter, where snow is beginning to be upon us, but the folk are safe indoors happily enjoying the fruits of their fall harvest. For the peoples of Scandanavia, this time not only was full of darkness, cold, and snow, but also marked the beginning of the sacred year and a celebration that life had not left this world. It is for this reason that evergreens and holly become common decorations in our homes and in our rites.

For Stone Creed Grove, this is the most important rite celebrated in the Norse style, honoring the sibling gods Frey and Freya who have long acted as patrons of our folk. We also give special due to many other important Norse gods, including Thor, Odin, Heimdal, and Frigga.

Our Yule celebrations also fulfill many of the roles of other modern holidays around this time. There are exchanges of gifts, group singing, and an opportunity to make promises of what will be done in the next year.

Event Date: 
Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 4:00pm
River Grove, North Chagrin Reservation
High Day Ritual