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Druidic Triads

Of the Worlds, Ritual and Magic

Three Triads of the Worlds

  1. Three Realms

    ANNWN: The Underworld: the Cauldron of Rebirth
    ABRED: The Midworld: the Cauldron of Bounty
    GWYNVYD: The Heavens: the Cauldron of Rebirth

  2. Three Worlds

    THE SEA: the Wild Waste: the Road to the Blessed Isles
    THE LAND: the Green Earth: Dwelling of Many Kins
    THE SKY: the Unchanging Order: the Place of the Shining Ones

  3. Three Kindreds

    THE DEAD: the Blessed Ancestors, who sustain the Clans
    THE SIDHE: the other Kins, who sustain the Web of the Worlds
    THE DEITIES: Eldest, Wisest and Mightiest, who sustain all

Three Triads of Ritual

  1. Three Gates

    THE WELL: the Deep Gate - the Sustainer
    THE FIRE: the Bright Gate - the Transformer
    THE TREE: the All-Boundary - the Connector

  2. Three Tools

    THE CAULDRON: Source of Wisdom, Love and Power
    THE WAND: the Poet's Skill, the Wizard's Will
    THE CLOAK: the Mantle of Magic, Encompassing Spirit

  3. Three Deeds

    THE GROVE: Arriving; Honoring the Three; Opening the Gates
    THE SACRIFICE: to the Imbas; to the Kindreds; to the Patrons
    THE BLESSING: Asking; Receiving; Thanking

Three Magical Triads

  1. Three Proper Preparations

    A trained and focused mind
    A fullness of knowledge
    A peaceful heart

  2. Three Virtues of the Mind

    A mighty will
    A clear vision
    A fullness of lore

  3. Three Virtues of the Heart